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Brushless Motor

  • 36mm Brushless Motor

    36mm Brushless Motor

    1. Rated Voltage: 12.0V DC
    2. Rated Speed: 2.5-3RPM
    3. Rated Current: 400mA max.
    4. Starting Voltage: 10-16V DC max.
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  • BLDC Brushless Motor

    BLDC Brushless Motor

    Our products are widely used in Power tools, Security Products, Actuator, Medical device, Automation equipment, Personal care products,Precision instruments, Smart home products, Robots, etcRead More

  • 42mm Brushless Motor

    42mm Brushless Motor

    Micro DC Motor,low speed,large torque,maximum charge load 0.1KG.CM
    Comply with the EU Eco power requirements and minimum to 25MA
    The military requirements of the design,low noise,low noise to 25dB
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  • Brushless DC Motor

    Brushless DC Motor

    Customized electric performance could be achieved on request.
    For clients with larger orders, we can also source accessories like gears, worms, cables and connectors etc. and arrange the assembly for their convenience.
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