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Analysis on installation adjustment of vibration motor
- Jul 09, 2018 -

Installation and adjustment of explosion-proof vibration motor Explosion-proof vibration motor should be firmly and low installed in vibration machinery, not loose.

After the first use, the anchor bolts should be strengthened again.

Explosion-proof vibration motor with rubber sheath soft cable (rubber sleeve outer diameter 15mm) and power supply, wiring steps are as follows:

A. Wipe off the outside of the junction box and peel off the insulation of the cable section.

B. Remove the outlet gland, cable guide sleeve, seal ring, junction box cover.

C. Will line gland, cable guide sleeve, seal the trap on the cable, and then the cable's power core and grounding wire are connected to the wiring column and grounding screws, and pay attention to the bare part of the conductor not exposed to the bow-type washer outside.

D. Put the seal ring, cable guide sleeve, outlet plate and junction box cover.

E. The disassembly should pay attention to protect the explosion-proof surface do not damage, assembly should be coated with 204-1 antirust oil, installed after the explosion-proof surface must be closely fitting. The cable shall have a natural drape between the junction box and the fixed card without vibration, that is, the cable length between the junction box and the 400-700mm fixed card shall be longer than the line distance.