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Characteristics of gear motors
- Jul 09, 2018 -

There is also an explanation for the gear motor, which is the integration of the reducer and the motor (motor). This integration is also commonly referred to as a deceleration motor or a gear motor. Usually by the professional reducer production plant integrated assembly after the complete supply.

The advantage of using the gear motor is to simplify the design and save space. Working pressure: Input the actual pressure of the motor oil, its size depends on the motor load. The difference between the motor inlet pressure and the outlet pressure is called the motor pressure difference.

Rated pressure: According to the test standards, so that the motor continuous normal operation of the highest pressure. 2. Displacement and flow, displacement: without considering the leakage of the case, hydraulic motor each turn a radian need to enter the volume of liquid.

Vm (M3/rad) flow is not leakage when the flow is called theoretical flow qmt, considering the leakage flow for the actual flow QM.

3. Volumetric efficiency and rotational speed, volumetric efficiency ΗMV: The ratio between the actual input flow and the theoretical input flow, 4. Torque and mechanical efficiency, in the case of motor loss, the output power is equal to the input power.

Actual torque T: Due to the actual mechanical loss of the motor resulting in loss of torque Δt, which is less than theoretical torque TT, that is, the motor's mechanical efficiency ηmm: equal to the actual motor output torque and theoretical output torque ratio. 5. Power and total efficiency, the actual motor input power for PQM, the actual output power of tω. Motor Total efficiency ηm: The ratio between actual output power and actual input power.