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Classification of micro-motors
- Nov 30, 2018 -

Micro-motors are motors that have a small volume and capacity, and whose output power is generally below several hundred watts, and that require special motors for their applications, performance, and environmental conditions. It is often used in control systems to realize the functions of detecting, solving, amplifying, executing or converting electromechanical signals or energy, or for transmitting mechanical loads, and also as the AC and DC power supply for equipment. Micro motors are used in disk drives, copiers, CNC machines, and robots.

Structure classification: Micro-motors can be roughly divided into three categories in structure:

1, electromagnetic

The basic composition is similar to that of a normal motor, including stators, rotors, armature windings, brushes, etc., but the structure is extremely compact.

2, combined

There are two common types: a combination of the above various micromotors; a combination of a micromotor and an electronic circuit. For example, a combination of a DC motor and a sensor, a combination of an X-direction and a Y-direction linear motor, and the like.

3, non-electromagnetic

The outer structure is the same as the electromagnetic type. For example, the rotary products are made into a cylindrical shape, and the linear products are formed into a square shape, but the internal structure differs greatly depending on the working principle.

Applications: Food machinery, textile machinery, medical equipment, smart doors and windows, monitor heads, advertising light boxes, household appliances, air conditioning and air conditioning, actuator control, and other low-power constant-speed large torque equipment.