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The working principle of vibration motor
- Jul 09, 2018 -

Vibration motor is the power source and vibration source combined as one of the excitation source, vibration motor is in the rotor shaft at both ends of the installation of a group of adjustable eccentric block, the use of axial and eccentric block high-speed rotation produced by the centrifugal force. The vibration motor has high utilization rate, small energy consumption, low noise and long life.

Vibration Motor's exciting force can be stepless regulation, easy to use, XJD, Jzo, Yzu, Vb,xvm,yzo, Yzs, Yzd, TZD, TZDC, and other models of vibration motor for general-purpose vibration motor. Can be applied to general vibration machinery, such as: Vibration crusher, vibrating sieving machine, vibration packer, vibrating sand machine, vibration molding machine, vibrating pile machine, vibration hoist, vibrating filling machine, silo vibration broken arch anti-block device and so on. Widely used in hydropower construction, thermal power generation, construction, building materials, chemicals, mining, coal, metallurgy, light industry and other industrial sectors.