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Type of motor
- Nov 30, 2018 -

1. Classification by working power

According to the different working power of the motor, it can be divided into DC motor and AC motor. Among them, the AC motor is also divided into a single-phase motor and a three-phase motor.

2. Classified by structure and working principle

The motor can be divided into an asynchronous motor and a synchronous motor according to the structure and working principle. Synchronous motors can also be classified into permanent magnet synchronous motors, reluctance synchronous motors, and hysteresis synchronous motors. Asynchronous motors can be divided into induction motors and AC commutator motors

3. Sort by start and run mode

The motor can be divided into a capacitor starter motor, a capacitor motor, a capacitor starter motor and a split phase motor according to the starting and running modes.

4. Classified by purpose

The electric motor can be classified into a drive motor and a control motor according to the use. The drive motor is further divided into a motor for a power tool, a motor for home appliances, and other motors for general-purpose small-sized mechanical equipment. The control motor is further divided into a stepping motor and a servo motor.

5. Classification by rotor structure

The motor can be divided into a cage induction motor and a wound rotor induction motor according to the structure of the rotor.

6. Classified by operating speed

The motor can be divided into a high speed motor, a low speed motor, a constant speed motor, and a speed regulating motor according to the running speed. Low-speed motors are further classified into gear reduction motors, electromagnetic reduction motors, torque motors, and claw-pole synchronous motors.