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Vibration Motor Model Description
- Jul 09, 2018 -

The product model of the motor is by product Code, specification code, special environmental Code and supplemental code, such as four parts, and in the following order: Vibration motor Product Code name vibration Motor product code by type code, motor characteristics, design serial number and excitation mode code, etc. four subsections in order. The type code of vibrating motor in China uses Hanyu Pinyin to express various types of motors, vibrating motor is a general exciting source of various vibrating machines, which can be widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal, electric power, building materials, chemical industry, foundry, light industry food, medicine, grain, cement, port, railway, dust removal, painting, PCB electroplating and other industries. For all kinds of vibrating screen, vibrating feeder, vibration light decoration processor, vibration platform and silo broken arch, anti-block device vibration, such as vibration source. It has the advantages of light weight, small vibration force adjustment, high insulation grade and protection grade, and good synchronization effect among many units. Dedicated to vibration motor, torque motor, speed control motor and other special motor development and production. Special Design series can also meet the requirements of waterproof, anti-corrosion acid and alkali. The characteristic code of the motor indicates the performance, structure or use of the motor, and the letter is marked with Chinese pinyin.

 For the explosion-proof motor, representing the fatty hydrocarbon type letter A (increased safety type), B (flameproof type) and Zy (positive pressure type) bid in the motor characteristics of the first, that is, immediately after the type of motor Code label. Design serial number refers to the order of motor product design, expressed in Arabic numerals. For the first design of the product does not mark the design sequence number, derived series design serial number according to the basic series, special series according to the order of their own design. The excitation mode code is labeled with Chinese Pinyin, wherein s represents three times harmonic excitation, J is the Crystal Gate Tang Magnetic, x represents the phase compound excitation, and should be marked after the design serial number. When the design sequence number is not required, it is marked after the feature code and separated by a short line. Vibrating machinery uses vibration motor as a simple, reliable and effective power. The vibration motor can produce different vibration trajectory according to different mounting combination forms in vibrating body, so that all kinds of operation are accomplished effectively.