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What are the characteristics of the gear motor
- Jul 09, 2018 -

When the gear motor is in the same direction as the gear rotation, the input pressure oil and the gear motor can output the torque and rotate speed.

Has the following characteristics:

1, the return oil channel symmetry, the same aperture, so that the positive and negative performance.

2, the use of external leakage oil hole, on the one hand because the motor back oil has this back pressure, on the other hand, because the gear motor and the back of the oil cavity changes. If the use of internal oil leakage is easy to seal the shaft end of the oil. So the gear motor is best to use external leakage oil hole.

3, for the automatic compensation of the axial clearance of the floating side plate structure, must be adapted to the pros and cons can work requirements, at the same time the trapped oil unloading tank must also be symmetrical arrangement of the structure.

4, the use of rolling bearings more, mainly in order to reduce friction loss, improve start-up performance.