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Do You Know Anything About The Wiper?
- Jan 17, 2019 -

The car's wiper is driven by a wiper motor that uses a potentiometer to control the motor speed in several gear positions. The rear end of the wiper motor has a small gear transmission enclosed in the same housing to reduce the output speed to the required speed. This device is commonly known as the wiper drive assembly. The output shaft of the assembly is connected to the wiper end mechanism, and the reciprocating swing of the wiper is realized by the fork drive and the spring return.

There are two main types of wipers on the market today: bone wipers and boneless wipers. The bone wiper is literally understood as a skeleton wiper. The skeleton mentioned here is the structure between the outer cover of the wiper blade and the wiper strip. Through the support points of the skeleton, the wiper can be Compacted on the glass; the boneless wiper omits the steel skeleton from the structure and becomes composed of a wiper strip, a boneless wiper steel sheet, a wiper sheath and a plastic part. When the boneless wiper is in operation, the force is mainly transmitted by the elastic steel sheet, which has better toughness, can reduce the jitter wear, and can better fit the glass even after long-term use.

Many car owners think that as long as the wiper blade can be scraped, there is no need to replace it! In fact, the car wiper blade is a consumable item in the car accessories. If the wiper blade effect is obviously reduced, the sharp sound is constantly emitted, and the wind is blocked. The glass moves intermittently, so it is recommended that you replace the wiper blade immediately.

Good wiper blades must have the characteristics of heat resistance, cold resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, ability to fit the windshield, low noise, strong water repellency, soft texture and no scratching of the windshield  Clear.