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How To Maintain A Micro Motor?
- Dec 25, 2018 -

Micro-motors are the heart of power systems for automotive systems, household appliances, power tools, industrial automation equipment, and medical devices. Due to the low failure rate of most micromotors, preventive maintenance is often overlooked. The scientific micro-motor preventive maintenance can effectively avoid the unplanned stop caused by sudden shutdown, and can also extend its service life, maintain output accuracy, and help enterprises to ensure production quality and reduce maintenance costs.

1. Wipe the micro motor. Remove dust and sludge from the outside of the micro motor base in time. If the environment is dusty, it is best to clean it once a day.

2. Check and clean the micro motor terminals. Check the junction box wiring screws for looseness and burns.

3. Some screws are checked on time, including ground cover screws, bearing cover screws, and foot screws. Tighten the loose nut.

4. Check the transmission device, check the coupling or the pulley for strength and damage, and whether the installation is firm; whether the belt and its coupling buckle are intact.

5, micro-motor starting equipment, but also timely wipe the external dust, mud, wipe the contacts, check the wiring parts for burn marks, the grounding wire is good.