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How To Maintain The Micro Motor For The Car?
- Jan 17, 2019 -

1. Waterproof and moisture proof, avoiding short circuit of electrical components inside the cavity;

2. Effectively block dust and particles and avoid bearing wear;

3. Keep the cavity dry to avoid corrosion and oxidation of the motor and motor, resulting in poor contact or leakage;

4, exhaust heat dissipation, instead of heat dissipation or provide channels and conductive media for heat dissipation;

5, continuous ventilation, balance the internal stress of the cavity to ensure dynamic stability;

6, anti-splash, to prevent internal components due to resistance changes affect the dynamic stability.

The power performance of electric vehicles has a direct relationship with the power of electric vehicles. The higher the power, the better the acceleration performance and the maximum climbing ability of small and medium-sized motors for vehicles, and the quality will be better. The volume will also increase; however, the motor cannot be operated at high efficiency for a long period of time, which will reduce the utilization rate of the small and medium-sized motor for the vehicle and reduce the mileage of the vehicle.