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Micro-motor Market Needs In The Future
- Nov 22, 2018 -

Although the proportion of data in terms of micro-motor consumption in China has accounted for half of the global micro-motor production, the average number of households in developed countries is 80 to 130. The average household ownership in large cities in China is only between 30 and 60, and the room for growth is still large. If the average annual usage of each household increases by one, then the annual demand for micro-motors in China will increase by 300 million to 400 million units, and the market has great potential for development.

Now the domestic micro-motor market will show a strong demand for long-term demand. With the rapid growth of communication, micro-video games, consumer electronics and medical equipment industry, micro-motors are widely used, but due to their complicated production process, precision and power consumption. The demand is high, the market is far from saturated, and there is a lot of room for innovation and growth.