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Micro Motors Industry Features
- Jul 09, 2018 -

Micro-motor refers to the diameter of less than 160mm or rated power less than 750W or has special performance, special purpose of the motor.

Micro-motor synthesis of motor, microelectronics, power electronics, computer, automatic control, precision machinery, new materials and other disciplines of High-tech industries, especially the application of electronic technology and new materials technology to promote the development of micro-motor technology.

Micro-motor many varieties (up to more than 5,000 species), the specification of complex, market applications are very wide, involving the national economy, national defense equipment, human life in all aspects, all need to electric-driven occasions can see micro-special motor.

Micro-motor manufacturing processes, involving precision machinery, fine chemicals, micro-processing, magnetic materials processing, winding manufacturing, insulation processing technology, the need for a large number of technology and equipment, high precision, in order to ensure product quality needs a series of sophisticated testing equipment, is a strong investment in the industry.

In short, the micro-motor industry is labor-intensive and technology-intensive High-tech industries.