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Micro Motors Product Parameters
- Jul 09, 2018 -

The performance of various kinds of micro-motor is very different, and its performance parameters are difficult to be uniformly expounded. Generally speaking, the Force energy index used to drive the machine is focused on running and starting, the output power, waveform and stability should be considered for the power supply, and the micro motor for control is biased to the static and dynamic characteristic parameters.

The characteristic parameters of the first two kinds of motors are similar to those of ordinary motors.

The only micro-motor has its unique characteristic parameters.

The significance of the miniature motor model:

The first letter represents the Appearance: R represents the circle, F is flat, and S is the rectangle; The second letter represents the type of brush: E, A, U: Metal brushes; F, D: Metal plate fork-like brush;

C, K, H, S, T: Carbon brushes;

The third digit represents the rotor diameter;

The fourth digit represents the magnet or the casing length; The fifth number represents the number of rotor slots: 0 for 3 slots, 5 for 5 slots and 3 for 12 slots.