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The Current Situation Of Micro Motor Industry
- Jul 09, 2018 -

The domestic demand for micro-motors has been growing since the 1980s. China has introduced more than 50 production lines, to achieve 25 major categories, 60 series, 400 varieties, 2000 specifications of micro-motor large quantities, large-scale production.

The main products are brushless permanent magnet motor, small Power AC motor, AC-DC series motor, shaded pole motor, stepper motor, vibration motor (mobile) and so on. 1999 China's micro-motor production of about 3 billion units, of which private and state-owned enterprises production of about 250 million units, the production of a wholly owned enterprise of about 1.2 billion units, Hong Kong region's production of about 1.4 billion units (Johnson company 1.2 billion units), Taiwan's output of about 180 million units.

2000 production of about 3.9 billion units, accounting for 60% of global production. Micro-motor with high technical content, such as precision brushless motor, high speed synchronous motor, high precision stepper motor, flake winding brushless motor, high performance servo motor and new principle new structure ultrasonic motor have not yet formed commercialization or mass production capacity in China. Therefore, the domestic high precision micro-motor also relies on imports. According to customs statistics, the 1995-2000 annual average growth rate of 26.9%, 2001, although the increase of 4.81%, also amounted to 1.197 billion U.S. dollars.