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The Development Trend Of Micro-motor Technology
- Nov 22, 2018 -

(1) Adopting high and new technology to develop in the direction of electronic;

(2) High efficiency, energy saving and green development;

(3) Development towards high reliability and electromagnetic compatibility;

(4) To low noise, low vibration, low cost, and price development;

(5) Development towards specialization, diversification and intelligence.

In addition, Micro-motors are moving toward modularization, combination, intelligent mechatronics and brushless, iron-free, and permanent magnetization. Especially worthy of attention is the large field of application of micro-motors, environmental Changes, the traditional electromagnetic principle motor can not fully meet the requirements. The development of micro-motors with non-electromagnetic principles has become an important direction for the development of motors with new results from related disciplines, including new principles and new materials.