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The Reason Why The DC Motor Bearing Is Too Tight
- Jan 07, 2019 -

When repairing the DC motor, make the outer ring of the bearing and the end cover fit properly. Emphasis is placed on the lower limit of the tolerance range, and the vehicle is not allowed to reach the upper limit. This makes the diameter of the bearing chamber smaller, which increases the interference with the outer ring of the bearing. In addition, the maximum interference of the repairman to appropriately reduce the tolerance of the fit DC motor bearings have insufficient knowledge to reduce noise. For example, when the bearing is removed, it is found that the bearing outer ring and the end cover are very well disassembled. It is mistaken that the bearing is too loose, so the copper pad, the punching hole, and even the end cap are replaced. , or to replace the bearing, expand the diameter of the outer ring to solve this problem, the most common method is to expand the end cap bearing chamber, and then insert the sleeve, so that the bearing and the end cap bearing chamber are closely matched, resulting in increased noise of the DC motor after repair. , bearing heat and other undesirable phenomena. Because the fitting is too tight, the bearing heats up, the grease is squeezed out, the bearing runway (bearing working surface) is partially free of lubricating oil, and the bearing is overheated and causes bearing failure.

The reason why the DC motor bearing is too tight is caused by improper operation of the operator. If you understand this knowledge, you can improve the operation method according to the contents explained in the text in the actual operation in the future. Try to avoid this problem.