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Three Main Uses Of Brushless DC Motors
- Dec 29, 2018 -

Continuous load applications: mainly in areas that require a certain speed but do not require high speed accuracy, such as fans, pumps, hair dryers, etc. These applications are less expensive and mostly open loop control.

Variable load applications: mainly applications where the speed needs to be varied within a certain range, and there is a higher demand for motor speed characteristics and dynamic response time characteristics. For example, dryers and compressors in household appliances are good examples. In the automotive industry, oil pump control, electric controllers, engine control, etc., the system cost of such applications is relatively higher.

Positioning applications: Most industrial control and automatic control applications fall into this category. In such applications, energy delivery is often completed, so there are special requirements for dynamic response and torque of the speed, and higher requirements for the controller. . Optoelectronics and some synchronization equipment may be used for speed measurement. Process control, mechanical control, and transportation control are many of these applications.

In today's era when power is too expensive, the whole world is promoting energy conservation and environmental protection. When it comes to energy saving, DC brushless motors have great advantages. Under the same power, it can reach a large degree of energy saving. The brushless DC motor integrates the AC motor and the DC motor. It has a series of advantages such as simple structure, safe operation and convenient maintenance of the AC motor. It also has the characteristics of high DC motor running power and good speed control function. Brushless motor Compared with other motors, it has many advantages such as high reliability, high power and excellent speed control.